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Choji Snack Bar

Choji Snack Bar (1983)


125 min

Country: Japan

Director: Yasuo Furuhata

Actors: Hôsei KomatsuJûzô ItamiKen TakakuraKunie TanakaMako Ishino…Mitsuru HirataNaomi ChiakiReiko ÔharaTokiko KatôTonpei Hidari

Genres: Drama

Subtitle: English

4.68/ 5 2 votes
Movie plot

Eiji, also known as Choji, quits the shipyard to start Izakaya [Snack Bar] Choji with his wife Shigeko on the outskirts of Hakodate. Eiji once had a girlfriend by the name of Sayo, but she is supposed to be happily married to a pasture owner in the countryside. Then, suddenly one day Sayo shows up at Choji before opening. Sayo is still in love with Eiji. The story expressively portrays the lives of random Choji customers and the daily interaction between Eiji and Shigeko, while also focusing on the feelings between Eiji and his past girlfriend Sayo.

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