Movie by Actor: Ken Takakura



Wolves, Pigs & Men
47 Ronin 1994
Brutal Tales of Chivalry 1
Contemporary Tales of Chivalry: Forbidden Love
Contemporary Tales of Chivalry: The Lone Wolf
Contemporary Tales of Chivalry 2
Flower, Storm and Gangster
An Outlaw
Prison Walls of Abashiri 3
Prison Walls of Abashiri, Part 2
Abashiri Prison
New Prison Walls of Abashiri
The Domain: Kanto Legends of Chivalry
The Kanto Scarlet Cherry Gang
Lady Sen and Hideyori
Brutal Tales of Chivalry 7: Hell Is a Man’s Destiny
Brutal Tales of Chivalry 5: Man With The Karajishi Tattoo
Contemporary Tales of Chivalry 4
The Path of the King
The International Gang of Kobe
Mount Hakkoda
The Yellow Handkerchief
A Distant Cry from Spring
Red Peony Gambler: Flower Cards Match
The Chivalrous Life
New Prison Walls of Abashiri: Stormy Cape
Great Jailbreak
The Revolt