A-Z list

Movie by director: Sadatsugu Matsuda



Shingo’s Final Duel
Shingo’s Challenge 3
Shingo’s Challenge
The Seven Faces of Bannai Tarao, Private Eye
Shingo’s Original Challenge, Part 4
Shingo’s Original Challenge, Part 3
Shingo’s Original Challenge, Part 1 and 2
Trapped, the Crimson Bat
Secret of The Golden Spell
Return of the One-Armed Swordsman
Tange Sazen: Mystery of the Twin Dragons
Swordsman of the Two Sword Style
Mighty Shosuke
Sanguine Battle
Restoration Fire
Road of Chivalry
Ninja’s Weapon
The Lord Takes a Bride
Crimson Bat, the Blind Swordswoman
A Chivalrous Spirit
The 47 Masterless Samurai
The Abandoned Swords
No Stronger Swords
Lord Mito 3: All Star Version
Lord Mito 2: The Nation’s Vice Shogun
Tokaido Fullhouse
Seven from Edo
Tange Sazen and the Princess
Shimizu Port of Chivalry
Case of Umon: The Red Lizard
Foul Play
Bored Hatamoto: Ninja Assassins
Bored Hatamoto: Idle Vassal Tribute
The Ako Retainers
Vanquished Foes