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Exciting Eros: Hot Skin

Exciting Eros: Hot Skin (1986)

エキサイティング・エロ 熱い肌

57 min

Country: Japan

Director: Hisayasu SatôTakaaki HashiguchiTakahisa Zeze

Actors: Kaya ShigeruKiyomi ItōKiyoshi UsudaKôwa MochizukiMamiko HiseiRan MinagamiShû MinagawaTakanobu YamamotoTaketoshi Watari

Genres: Drama, Horror

Subtitle: English

1.95/ 5 3 votes
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Movie plot

The mother does half-nude aerobics until her son rapes her, and the daughter falls into bed with a female teacher. Despite the shocking goings-on, the film is much more in keeping with Sato’s usual themes of alienation and corrupted innocence than its brutal predecessor.

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