A-Z list

Movie by Director: Yasushi Sasaki

Title Year
Red Swallow Oyuki
The Lost Public Funds
Keepers of Order
Bored Hatamoto: The Daimonji Conspiracy
Sword of Destiny
The Seven Vows
The Forbidden Castle
Tengu Priest
The Shogun’s Guard, Shinsengumi
The Shogun’s Guard: Valor in Turbulence
Official with a Tattoo
Law in Ghost Island
Kisaragi Sword
With Songs in My Heart
Shadow Over Fuji
Cases of Hanshichi
Blooded Spear
An Edo Magistrate
A Young Rabble
The Swordsman and the Actress
Mr. Thank You
Tokugawa Ieyasu – TBS Warlord Special
Hibari’s Favorite 2
A Spectacular Showdown
Lord Mito
Japanese Girls at the Harbor
Case of a Young Lord 8
Street of Wandering Men
The Lady and the Beard
That Night’s Wife
A Warrior’s Flute
Bored Hatamoto: The Mysterious Cape
The Mansion of Intrigue
Bored Hatamoto: Island of No Return
Bored Hatamoto – A Sword Against Intrigue
Bored Hatamoto: The Cave of the Vampire Bats
I Flunked, But…