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Red Swallow Oyuki

Red Swallow Oyuki (1970)

紅つばめ お雪

49 Mins/ep

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Country: Japan

Director: Daishi AraiMasahiko IzawaMasatake MatsuoYasushi SasakiYasuto Hasegawa

Actors: Junko MiyazonoKentarô KudôKôtarô Satomi

Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Jidaigeki

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Oyuki, the Crimson Swallow aka Red Swallow Oyuki  aka 紅つばめ お雪 aka Benitsubame Oyuki | Oyuki, the daughter of a master swordsman in the Yaegaki-style, is a skilled practitioner of the secret technique “flying sword”. She embarks on a journey alongside the naive samurai Isawa no Fujiyoshi, hailing from a peasant background, and Choshi no Yosaburo, an aspiring chivalrous rogue from a fishing village. Together, they travel and seek to punish the wicked.

Episodes name:

01-The Flower with the Tattoo and the Jinbaori
02-My Father Uses the Peasant Style
03-Bloody Dreams
04-We are Two in One
05-Who is it, Demon Lord?
06-Cruel Interruption
07-A Bow to the Loser
08-The Lady Who Got Lost Yesterday
09-A Dose of Evil
10-A Good Man is Greedy
11-The Little Mediator
12-The Hole is Narrow
13-Resisting Together

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