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The Shape of Night

The Shape of Night (1964)


109 min

Country: Japan

Director: Noboru Nakamura

Actors: Bunta SugawaraIsao KimuraKeisuke SonoiMasuyo IwamotoMikijirô HiraMisako TominagaMiyuki KuwanoYoshiko Hiromura

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Subtitle: English

2.75/ 5 2 votes
Movie plot

Yoshie Nogami, a factory worker by day, moonlights as a hostess at a bar. One of the regulars, Eiji Kitami, invites her out on a date. Still only 19, she goes along out of curiosity and ends up spending the night at a hotel where she gives herself to him. They begin a passionate love affair and move in together, after which Yoshie begins skipping work at the factory and rarely returns to her family home. Before long, Eiji’s demeanor changes and he begins to constantly ask her for money. Despite claiming to be a businessman, he is actually a local thug, and his inability to pay his dues to his gang leads him to force Yoshie into prostitution.

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