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The Silent Sword: Loyalty and Honor

The Silent Sword: Loyalty and Honor (2008)

忠臣蔵 音無しの剣

124 min

Country: Japan

Director: Hajime Hashimoto

Actors: Emi WakuiIsao HashizumeKen UtsuiMasahiko NishimuraMasakazu TamuraMasatoshi NakamuraMeiko KajiNenji KobayashiRyûji HaradaYutaka Matsushige

Genres: Drama, History

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

The Silent Sword: Loyalty and Honor | Keinosuke (Masakazu Tamura) is a ronin (wandering samurai) who lives on the streets although he is a nobleman. There’s just one woman in this world that he loves, Shiho (Emi Wakui) but when he meets her again, she is already someone else’s wife. Her husband is a key person in the Chushingura incident. Love reignites between Keinosuke and Shiho but they get caught up in the spiral of fate of the Chushingura incident…

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