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The World of Geisha 2 – The Precocious Lad

The World of Geisha 2 – The Precocious Lad (1974)

四畳半襖の裏張り しのび肌

81 min

Country: Japan

Director: Tatsumi KumashiroYoshifumi Kamoda

Actors: Akira HanaueAkira TakahashiEimei EsumiHiroshi NakazawaJunko MiyashitaMeika Seri…Moeko EzawaNaomi Oka

Genres: 18+

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Shotaro, the son of a geisha house, is still merely a kid and is often told to spend the night in a room with geisha when the patron of a certain geisha takes over his own room. A precocious lad in the first places, he knows more about sex than many adults. He discovers he is old enough to make women pregnant and so his adventures begin, here, there and everywhere.

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