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Violence at Noon

Violence at Noon


99 min

Country: Japan

Director: Nagisa ŌshimaOh Deok-soo

Actors: Akiko KoyamaHideko KawaguchiHideo KanzeHôsei KomatsuKei SatôNarumi KayashimaRokkō TouraRyoko TakaharaSaeda KawaguchiTeruko Kishi

Genres: Crime

Subtitle: English

4.15/ 5 1 votes
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Movie plot

Hakuchu no Torima is the portrayal of a violent rapist as seen through the recollections of his wife and one of his victims. As the film starts, Eisuke (Kei Sato) encounters Shino (Saeda Kawaguchi), who works as a maid in a house. She is a former coworker from a failed collective farm, whose life he once saved — only to rape her. Soon, Eisuke’s criminal pattern of rapes and murders emerges as he goes on assaulting women (Shino being the witness of one of them, as Eisuke tries to violate her employer). When cooperating with the police on making a description of the rapist, Shino withholds her crucial knowledge of his identity. She prefers writing letters to Eisuke’s dutiful wife, Matsuko, a schoolteacher (Akiko Koyama — Mrs Oshima), in order to expose his true nature and perhaps induce her into turning Eisuke over to the police.

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