A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Makoto Satô



Warring Clans
47 Ronin
Adventure in Kigan Castle
The Killing Bottle
The Executioner II: Karate Inferno
The Executioner
Shogun’s Ninja
Lovely Devils
The Beast Shall Die
Kazoku no sentaku
I Are You, You Am Me
Bound for the Fields, the Mountains, and the Seacoast
The Falcon Fighters
Typhoon Club
Miss Lonely
The H-Man
The Last Gunfight
Message from Space
Blind Woman’s Curse
The Killing Machine
Golden Eyes
Admiral Yamamoto
Rise Against the Sword
Siege of Fort Bismarck
Attack Squadron
I, the Executioner
Westward Desperado
Fort Graveyard
Desperado Outpost
The Big Boss
Blueprint of Murder
Port Arthur
Storm Over the Pacific
The Retreat from Kiska
Miyamoto Musashi
Samaritan Zatoichi