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Shingo’s Original Challenge, Part 3

Shingo’s Original Challenge, Part 3 (1960)

新吾十番勝負 第三部

83 min

Country: Japan

Director: Sadatsugu Matsuda

Actors: Eijirô KataokaHashizô ÔkawaIsao YamagataKeiko OkawaRyôsuke KagawaRyûnosuke TsukigataRyûtarô ÔtomoYoshiko SakumaYoshio YoshidaYumiko Hasegawa

Genres: Action, Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

The adventures of Aoi Shingo continue. Shingo is finally given permission to officially meet his father, the Shogun. However, his journey is disturbed by those who wish to claim his life. This is the third part of “THE 10 DUELS OF YOUNG SHINGO”, following the first 2 parts (which were actually done as one movie). The tension mounts as young Shingo must face obstacles the like of which he had never before seen. And, can he avenge the death of his master? The man to whom he owes everything.

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