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Souls in the Moonlight II

Souls in the Moonlight II (1958)

大菩薩峠 第二部

105 min

Country: Japan

Director: Shumei OnishiTomu Uchida

Actors: Chiezô KataokaEijirô KataokaIsao YamagataKôtarô SatomiKunio KagaMichiyo KogureRyûnosuke TsukigataSatomi OkaYumiko Hasegawa

Genres: Action, Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

This is the second installment of the trilogy based on Japan’s greatest novel “The Great Bodhisattva Pass”, following the life and times of bloodthirsty samurai, Tsukue Ryunosuke. Blinded in an explosion and further injured from a fall, the master swordsman is taken in by Otoyo, a woman who falls in love with him. Under Otoyo’s dedicated care, Ryunosuke’s physical and emotional wounds seem to heal. However, deep inside, the demons that drive him to kill yearn to resurface. Meanwhile he is being pursued by Utsugi Hyoma, a young samurai seeking to avenge his brother’s death at Tsukue’s hands. Hyoma is being aided along the way by the clever thief Shichibei.

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