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The Domain: The Naniwa Story

The Domain: The Naniwa Story (1965)

日本侠客伝 浪花篇

98 min

Country: Japan

Director: Masahiro Makino

Actors: Asao UchidaBin AmatsuHideo MurataHiroyuki NagatoKaoru YachigusaKen TakakuraKôji TsurutaKôtarô SatomiRyûtarô ÔtomoYôko Minamida

Genres: Crime, Drama, Yakuza

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Second film of Makino’s Nihon Kyokakuden series set in Osaka’s harbor. The series also known as “The Domain” Each a stand alone film in it’s own, none are connected other than starring the famous Ken Takakura as the main Character. This story begins with Ken Takakura’s character coming to Osaka after his brother’s death. Another exciting yakuza story with superb yakuza action!!

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